A lounge or a toilet? A concept for refreshing moments of your own in public places

A lounge or a toilet? A concept for refreshing moments of your own in public places

Idea for the Flowroom has born in 2020 since we started to solve a problem of bad public toilet experience and a need for refreshing moments of your own in public places. To create Flowroom concept, we had combined experience design, interior architecture and sustainability. 

Flowroom is kind of a freshroom and a lounge – a space to relax, refresh and visit in a need. It is a moment of your own in nature destinations, cities and parks, or on your own backyard.


Flowroom is a spatial experience which is based on the intangible elements such as light, sound and fresh air. Our aim was to build the frames around the light and space to create a safe and secure environment that is in harmony with surroundings. 

The unique, you could say, even a sacred atmosphere comes from plentiful natural light which filters through opal glass – also from the high, hall kind of room, and from the soft natural materials that create a comfortable soundscape and cleanliness. 

Flowroom is first and foremost a space that people feel easy and comfortable. Flowroom is designed for the people, for the user – in respect users’ own space. Flowroom could be a service, which has its own brand identity. It can be modified to one’s own needs or for wider user group needs. 

Core of the concept are timeless and high-quality materials that follows high-quality design and architecture. Minimal and sustainable design speaks for the values that are meaningful for us: ecological, long-lasting, healthy and wellbeing. With Flowroom design we want to go in harmony with our nature and the built environment. 

Flowroom is designed for small moments, visits and drop byes. It’s for the people – for you or your customers – who want a moment of their own or a space for inspiration and creativity. It’s for the moments of refreshing or relaxing, where ever you are in nature destinations, cities or own backyard.

We would love to bring a Flowroom live with you, to your destination. 

We will work as spatial and service designers with you. We will make interior and service concept tailored to your business and customer needs. You will have plenty of novel ideas how to show hospitality and ecological solutions with Flowroom to your visitors. 

Let’s make a project together! 

Here is a short presentation for you to take with you:

Jenni, Interior Architect SIO, jenni.inciarte@inciarte.fi 
Johanna, Service Designer, johanna@designmatters.fi